4 Ways To Benefit From Coconut Oil In Your Kitchen

Aww the wondrous glories of Coconut Oil!  Who knew fat could taste so good?  Well, I did.  Only problem is, that fat I worshiped came in the form of a golden idol… BUTTER! Yes, I confess, but I have since seen the error of my ways. More and more we are hearing of all the amazing benefits of this beautiful white creaminess. Have you ever read The Coconut Miracle?  Right on the cover it tells you all the benefits of coconut oil “Lose Weight, Beautify Skin and Hair, Prevent Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes, Strengthen the Immune System”  WAIT! Don’t run to the store just yet!  Finish reading this and watch my video, plus you can get my favorite coconut oil right here anyhow.

SO coconut oil is great, yada, yada, yada. THERE IS A PROBLEM! We are used to our old friend butter.  It has the same calories and fat and our taste buds like it so why switch?  Well, go back and read all the proven benefits or coconut oil.  Only thing butter is proven to do is raise cholesterol and make our pants fit tighter!  Watch my short video to learn 4 simple and delicious ways you can start swapping butter for coconut oil and how it can help you loose weight!

Healthy Kitchen Swaps: Coconut oil instead of butter.

  1. Slather some coconut oil on your toast!
  2. Your popcorn will never taste better when you use coconut oil for popping. Don’t believe me?  Try my Naked Popcorn copycat recipe!
  3. Coconut is the best oil to use in a frying pan. It can handle hot temperatures and it makes EVERYTHING taste better!
  4. If you get some on your hands while you are cooking don’t waste it by cleaning your hands off. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer. Talk about efficient!  Cook and moisturize at the same time my friends!
  5. So here is a bonus… I didn’t mention this in my video because, well, I am trying to avoid sugar and help others do the same.  BUT if you just have to have a chocolate chip cookie and your like “coconut oil helps me burn fat, and I have fat, so I just better makes some cookies with coconut oil so I can eat them and burn fat at the same time….”  I’m not sure that justification will work but hey, I won’t tell. Check out this chocolate chip cookie recipe made with coconut oil instead of butter!  I also have an amazing vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe made without any refined sugar so I’ll share it here soon!

Want to DITCH THE SUGAR with me?  My life used to be headaches, weight gain, exhaustion, digestive problems, mood swings.  Yeah, I was super fun to live with. If you have ever experienced any of these, sugar may be the culprit.  Want to join me in my journey?


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There are so many benefits to using coconut oil in our diets. Learn how to use it more in your kitchen!