7 Inexpensive and Unique Ways To Show Your Love

I’m one of those hard people to shop for. I like sentimental gifts. It doesn’t have to be expensive, I just appreciate when it shows that the person put a little thought into it.  Hubby dreads holidays for this reason and claims that he can only do something for me every other holiday because it is to hard to get every holiday right. He has gotten better though. For Mother’s Day I got an amazing fruit bouquet because hubby knows I LOVE fruit. That was certainly better than the his and hers electric toothbrushes I got one year. I wonder if he was trying to give me a hint?

At any rate if you are looking for something unique that will show your love in a sentimental way you are in the right place.  Here are 7 things you can do that will show your sweetheart how much you really love them.

1. Learn your spouse’s love language!

We all communicate in one of 5 “love languages”.   Words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, or physical touch. We tend GIVE our love in they way we like to GET love.  Problem is, that only works if our spouse has the exact same love language and that usually isn’t the case.  What happens?  Both spouses could be working hard to show love but neither one ends up feeling loved. There is a very simple and FREE test you both can take to figure out what each other’s love language is. After you learn it make a special effort to show love in their love language every single day for a week and see what happens!

2. Post your love.

Tag your loved one in a Facebook post where you write 5-10 things you love about your spouse that others might not know. I did this for my husband once and it was one of my most popular posts.  It is one thing to feel loved it is another to know that your spouse loves you so much they want to share it with others.

3. I love you because…

Leave letters all around the house that start with “I love you because…” Give heart felt compliments, not just the easy ones like “I love you because you are nice.”  The more thoughtful and sincere the better. This is a great one for kids and spouse.

4. Give a Love Basket.

Fill a basket full of your spouses favorite things. Top it off with notes of love and appreciation from people in their life AKA you and your children.  I did this for Hubby once and he said it was his all time favorite gift.

5. Give gifts with creative spending limit.

Each year Hubby and I go to a store on our anniversary and can only spend as many dollars as years we have been married on a gift for each other. We’ve always had fun coming up with something creative and it takes away the pressure of spending too much.  Hopefully we won’t make it to 100 years or it might get pricey!

6. Start a relationship journal

Hubby and I have a journal we started when we were engaged. We both write in it and it has entries from our engagement, wedding, and anniversaries. It also has love letters we’ve written to each other. I know… cheesy but it is actually sweet to go through. You don’t have to be newly married to start one. Get a small journal and write about your love for  your sweetheart and wrap it up as a heartfelt gift. Write in it through the years to capture your continuous love story. You’ll end up with something you and future generations will cherish.

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 7. Write your love story

Have you ever written down the story of how you and your spouse met and ended up together?  Imagine reading your love story from your spouse’s perspective. It could be funny; it could be sweet. Either way it is time you put it on paper. What better way to express your love than to share your personal thoughts from a special time in your journey together.

8. Share your love story online.

Email your love story to [email protected]


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