A Love Story Started by Rotten Food Part 2

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath to see if cute blue eyes and I end up together.  If you haven’t read part 1 of this love story pop on over there to catch up.

If I gave part 2 a new title it would be, “The wrestling match that almost ended it all.”  I can’t start there though. I’m sure you are wondering what happened after our day long date ended with me being caught with another guy. Another note to new daters. After a hopeful date don’t let the guy see you kissing someone else just an hour later. Man I sound like such a floozy (spoken with a Nacho Libre accent).

Honestly, I was hoping it wasn’t those cute blue eyes that connected with mine when I looked to the balcony above me. But how could I mistake those eyes? Dang it, why did he have to live above me?  I couldn’t avoid him. What would I say when we ran into each other again? How awkward!!!  Maybe this was my answer of how to steer clear of this guy that was ready to find “the one.”  Surely he would never ask me out again. Wrong.

The very next day his roommate (still not the one guilty of smelling up my balcony) invited me up for pancakes.  I was nervous. I had no idea if cute blue eyes was home or not and I was NOT ready to face him. He was home. He wasted no time getting right to the point. “Hey, so did you have fun out on the balcony with your boyfriend last night?”  My response was totally smooth, “What are you talking about?”  Seriously, Amber?  I tried to walk away so the conversation would end but he followed me. “I totally saw you with your boyfriend.”

At this point I should have just come clean but I was still irritated with bad boy for not calling me his girlfriend and admittedly I kinda liked cute blue eyes. I didn’t want him to ditch me just yet. “He isn’t my boyfriend, he is just a guy I hang out with, and we weren’t doing anything.”   A guy I hang out with? We weren’t doing anything? Oh PA-LEASE!  Where are pancakes when you need them! Put some in your mouth and stop talking!!!

I don’t know why but I guess that answer was good enough for him because he stopped by my place the next day, and the next. We would chat during church; hang out during the day. It was convenient that we were both servers at different restaurants. We had the same schedules that kept us home in-between lunch and dinner…while bad boy was still at work.

Nothing is better than a good love story!

I made my best effort to keep things friendly and he made his best effort to move past the friend stage. In-between all this, bad boy must have noticed me distancing myself a bit because he started to scramble and decided I was officially his girlfriend. He even held my hand for the world to see. Now I was in a hard spot. Cute blue eyes asked me if I wanted to go get a milkshake after work.  “The hospital cafe has the best milkshakes.”  He always knew random places to get good food. I accepted his offer with the plan to break the boyfriend news to him.  It wasn’t easy. His plan was to have the “lets take this a little further talk.”  All I could say was, “You know that guy I hang out with? He is actually now my boyfriend.”

The disappointment in his eyes was impossible to miss. I felt horrible. I also felt a sadness I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I didn’t want him completely out of my life. I had grown to really enjoy our friendship. Unfortunately, he was looking for more than just friendship and I could tell he had no plans to stick around. For the first time since I met cute blue eyes… there was complete silence.

The next few days were confusing and miserable. I really missed our chats but things were moving full steam ahead with my boyfriend. I thought it was stupid we couldn’t still be friends so I decided I would make it very hard for him to ignore me. I knew his work schedule and exactly when he would be getting home each day. I can’t believe I’m going to admit this but here is goes. It was summer; I needed a tan; there was a nice green spot at the entrance of our condo. Ok, fine! Yes, right before cute blue eyes would be getting home from work I would hurry and change into my bathing suit and go lay out. And it worked. I got his attention. Desperate times call for desperate measures people!  Don’t judge!

Before we knew it our friendship was back in full swing. One night cute blue eyes invited me to Squaw Peak (AKA inspiration point) with a big group of people. I agreed to go because we wouldn’t be alone but we ended up pairing off an talking as usual. We talked about our ideas for the future. Hopes, dreams, goals, you know all the cheesy cliche stuff that makes two people fall in love when they realize they match up perfectly. Wait, what? Love, nope, still not ready for that. I’ve really got to find a way to slow things WAY down. I found a way.

Cute blue eyes stopped by one day to hang out with me and the roomies. He started flirting with one of my roommates. They were play wrestling and I was getting a little ticked. That was OUR thing. He even had given me the nickname of Superfly (after his favorite wrestler.)  I wasn’t having it so I jumped in and took over my roommate’s spot. This is where things went south.

At first it was that flirty wrestling where the guy lets the girl win.  What boy doesn’t want to be pinned by a girl?  Apparently not cute blue eyes. You know that scene in Dumb and Dumber where the girl playfully throws a snowball at “Dumber” and instead of flirting back he gets mad and takes a snowball and throws it as hard as he can at her face? Yeah, something like that happened.

Right as I was about to pin cute blue eyes he went all WWF on me, threw me to the ground, grabbed my feet, drug me across the floor and gave me rug burn all the way up my back. You know that excuse I was looking for to stay away from this marriage material guy? I found it.  I learned how competitive he was that day. He claimed, “I’m not competitive, I just like to win.”  Hmmm. I decided I was totally over him.

How convenient that when I decide I’m no longer interested in cute blue eyes my boyfriend and I get in our first argument because “I want space” and he walks out the door as he tells me its over. Seriously.

Word spread and by that weekend Superfly was asked on a first official, without a boyfriend, date with cute blue eyes WWF guy. I accepted because I figured I should give him another chance but I hadn’t quite forgiven him. Now here’s another part I’m not so proud about. It is actually kinda embarrassing  and my only excuse is that I was trying to get back at him for flirting with my roommate. Here it goes.

We doubled with my roommate and another one of cute blue eye’s friends I had never met. He was HOT. I flirted with him the whole night and paid no attention to my date. It gets worse. Every time cute blue eyes would get close to me and try to flirt I would say, “Personal space.”  I know!!! He should have ditched me on the spot! If he did he wouldn’t have had to endure what happened next. Nothing compares to a woman scorned I guess?  As we were walking to the car when the date was over he put his arm around me and asked, “Where is this going? What are we?”  The words I spoke in reply are 6 of the most painful words a guy could ever hear from a girl he is falling in love with.  I said, “I love you… like a brother.”

This concludes part 2. The suspense!  Don’t worry I have a feeling it is a happy ending:)

Nothing is better than a sweet love story to read!


  1. Ilene Knipe | 15th Feb 17

    I love this love story, Amber. You are such a brat! I’m sure cute blue eyes saw what a catch you were the first time he met you, so he was willing to put up with your sass! Most guys like a little challenge anyway. Keep the stories coming, you are very entertaining!

    • Amber | 15th Feb 17

      Haha! You aren’t the first to describe me as a brat:)

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