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About Left With a Smile

First of all, I pretty much started this blog for selfish reasons. I love reading stories… inspirational, motivational, funny, or uplifting. They increase my faith in goodness and in God and make me want to be a better person.

I was feeling disappointed in the amount of negative or pointless things I come across when I go online. There is soooo much good in the world but it can be hard to find. If we based our world on what is put in our face we would assume that there really isn’t a lot of hope! I found myself wishing that there was somewhere I could go to connect with others where I could be confident I would leave feeling uplifted and inspired. Surely I’m not the only one that feels this way? I’ve even searched for things that claim goodness only to find that what the world considers good isn’t actually so. In frustration and with a little nudge from that feeling that won’t seem to leave I decided to take things into my own hands in my small way. Thus this blog was born!

Really though, this won’t work without you. I mean, I can’t selfishly get my feel good story fix every day without your stories! Unselfishly, I sincerely hope Left With a Smile and the stories shared here will be a source of light and smiles for you!  I hope to take the abundance of hidden yet TRUE goodness that is out there and make it more visible and available!

10 things about me in ten seconds.

Well, it most likely took me longer than 10 seconds to type these and it will most likely take you more than ten seconds to read them but “10 things in ten seconds” sounds catchy so I’m sticking with it.

  1. I have a big smile but most the time I smile on the inside and forget that my “deep in thought” face must look scary. I often get asked if I’m mad or tired. Luckily you can’t see my face right now so just visualize my profile picture…. always smiling!
  2. I can’t jump on trampolines. Well I could, but I’ve had five children, enough said. All girls except 4 and those 4 are my own personal “weapons of mass destruction” and I love them and I love run on sentences as well apparently.
  3. I’ve never drank alcohol. Well not intentionally at least. There was the one time in Cancun where I asked for a virgin daiquiri and quickly learned an important Spanish phrase “sin alcohol”.
  4. Even though I was raised after indoor plumbing had been invented I still was all to familiar with outhouses and sponge baths growing up. If you want to find out why you’ll just have to read some of my stories.
  5. I love writing in my journal and at one point I wrote in my journal without missing a single day for almost 10 years. Find out why here. Yes, I still have them. No, I probably won’t read them because most were from my teenage years and no one sane wants to read a teenage girl’s diary.
  6. I love baking and I especially love baking with… you guessed it, the ever cliche chocolate.  I scoff at people who take a few bites of chocolate anything and say “oh thats too rich for me”.  I’ve yet to come across a chocolate dessert that has defeated me. And yes my husband has come home from work looking forward to having a brownie because “of course there are still brownies left, my wife just made a big pan of them last night.”  Yeah, right… but I don’t know who ate them all, certainly not me.
  7. I can do a mean Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, and Prasarita Padottanasana. AKA I’ve taught yoga for lots of years and I love a good stretch and sweat. (I actually don’t always use those fancy sanskrit names for yoga poses I just copied and pasted them here to sound more impressive.)
  8. I never have nor do I ever want to run a marathon. Just thought I’d mention that because I know it is on a lot of super moms’ bucket lists but I just want to be very clear that I have no desire to ever do that… ever. In fact the only marathon you’ll ever catch me in is maybe a Jane Austen movie marathon or Anne of Green Gables, that would be a good one.
  9. I’ve always worked from my home and I love the creative outlet it has given me. My favorite has been something I swore I’d NEVER do… direct sales. Yep, I’m one of those party ladies who you have probably avoided at least once in your life (I’ve avoided them too). I may be biased but my company is awesome enough that it doesn’t need to be avoided.   If you’ve cooked with Thrive you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you need to and of course I’m going to give you a link to my website  Just think convenient, whole, yummy food.
  10. Well last but not least and 10 minutes instead of 10 seconds later… I love true stories. As a kid my favorite magazine was readers digest and I looked forward to 20/20 as long as it included someone’s story. When I’m in church and having a hard time focusing I always perk up when the speaker starts to tell a story.   When I meet someone, I dread the small talk, but if we ever get to the part where we start sharing stories I’m hooked!  Stories can strengthen us and teach important lessons. I believe that more often than not our Heavenly Father speaks to us through our experiences and the experiences of others. I also believe it is important to share those gifts to help us remember the lesson we learned and to perhaps bless someone else’s life. This is a big reason why I started this website.  Selfishly I wanted somewhere to go to read uplifting stories and unselfishly, with all the yuck in this world I wanted to help add a little more good.  I hope you will share your story along with a list of  “every good thing” so we can help spread the goodness around!
  11. Sorry ten wasn’t enough. Here is the most important thing about me. I love my faith. I’m incredibly grateful to have been raised in a Christian home. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know that Heavenly Father speaks to all His children no matter their religion.  I feel blessed to be associated with many amazing people of different faiths.   I believe Heavenly Father teaches us and communicates to us through experiences. I believe we can help, bless, and teach each other by sharing experiences we’ve been given.

Be sure to visit my submit your story page to learn more about how you can share so we all can be left with a smile!