I’ll let my sweet brother Billy’s wisdom help with this section. He was mentally disabled but he always said it best.

#1 “Be Kind”  He drew a picture with those words that ended up on a billboard.  Let that be your motto for any comments you make.  If you are grumpy he would tell you to “take a prozac.”  But hopefully if you are grumpy you will be smiling by the time you are done here or this website shouldn’t be named “left with a smile.”

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One of the best parts of this website is the “Every Good Thing” list that will provide you and your family with ideas for wholesome and uplifting books, music, apps, movies, websites…  Links to these items and others will be provided when available to make it easier for you to access them. Some of the links are affiliate links.  FTC regulations require that I let you know that I earn a small percentage of commission from these links with no extra cost to you.