4 Ways To Use Gluten Free Grains With Only 15 Minutes of Prep a Week!

Since refined grains turn right into sugar (thus causing us to crave more sugar) we need to figure out an easy way to eat healthy grains. Whole gluten free grains are even better!  Watch this quick video on my trick to make sure I eat gluten-free grains every day.

Ready to Ditch The Sugar?

 If you think it is hopeless to finally change a lifetime of bad habits I’m here to tell you IT ISN’T and I am living proof.  I used to say “Yeah I’m a healthy eater… until about 4pm!”  NOW I can simply say, I don’t crave sugar anymore. I feel REALLY weird saying it and I don’t know how it can be real, but it is true.

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This makes eating healthy gluten free grains so much easier!