“The Hiding Place,” How One Of The Best Books I’ve Ever Read Made Me Grateful For Trials

I love a good book, but a while ago I decided reading books was unhealthy for my family.  Maybe if I had the ability to read a book here and there and put it down at any necessary moment it would be a different story.  BUT, since the second I get wrapped up in a good book the entire world around me somehow disappears and…  the house falls apart. The kids scrounge for food because mom can’t cook and read at the same time.  The kids could be jumping off the roof onto the trampoline, making art on the wall and it would be ok as long as they don’t interrupt me and my book. And pity to the brave soul that actually tries to talk to mom while she reads! So do you see why reading can be hazardous to the health of my family?  Can anyone out there relate?

I finally found a solution when I discovered the OverDrive App.  It is a free way to listen to books by checking them out from your online library. Genius!  I started to listen to audio books while getting housework done but I had to commit to only listening when I was working… the house got very clean.  There was one book in particular I kept meaning to listen to.  It was a book I had heard people refer to on a few occasions.  The short excerpts I heard from it were intriguing. I told myself for about 4 years that I needed to read that book when I had a chance.  I finally checked it out from the audio library, listened to the first chapter, got distracted, and it expired before I could listen to the rest.  It wasn’t until one year later that I checked it out again.  I was able to listen to it during some travel time. This time as I listened I wondered how I was able to stop listening the first time.  It was such a beautiful true story. Good thing I had a lot of travel time because I didn’t want to press pause.  My only complaint was that I didn’t have the actual book in my hand to re-read the parts that seemed unbelievable to me. As soon as I finished the book I wanted my own copy. I wanted to read it, highlight my favorite parts and read it again.  I immediately ordered my own copy because I knew this was a book that shouldn’t just be checked out. It should be in everyone’s library.

In “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom (affiliate link) the author tells her story of how “faith ultimately triumphs over all.”  It isn’t the only book out there about those that suffered the horrors of World War II but it is one of the only ones whose MAIN purpose is to show people that “God’s love will overcome, HEAL, and restore.”

There are so many different yet profound lessons within the pages of “The Hiding Place.”  One of my favorite parts is a lesson in faith and prayer that occurred when Corrie and her sister Betsie were being transferred to a concentration camp because of their efforts to help Jews escape the Nazis.  They were waiting in a line to be stripped of everything they owned but there was one thing Corrie didn’t want to give up… her Bible. She whispered a prayer that God would somehow keep her bible hidden through multiple inspections.   She was able to find an opportunity to hide it under the new clothing she was issued but the book caused a bulge that anyone could see and she still had two more pat downs to go through. She tells the thought that went through her mind in that moment,  “All the while I had the incredible feeling that it didn’t matter, that this was not my business, but God’s. That all I had to do was walk straight ahead.”  Every prisoner was patted down from all directions multiples times… except Corrie. The guards missed her through each inspection and her Bible was never discovered.  That Bible became the comfort and hope to hundreds of women as they tried to survive the unimaginable conditions of the concentration camp.

After I read Corrie’s story I had such contradicting feelings. I had heartache for the evils she and so many others had to endure.  I wished it had never happened.   Yet, I had deep gratitude for Corrie and the lessons that were imprinted on my heart because she was willing to share her experiences.  Could I really be grateful for another person’s trials? How often have I learned about an atrocity that has happened and wonder why God would let his children suffer like that?  As went to record my thoughts in my journal I reflected on the beautiful things I’ve learned from the trials others.  All of their stories have one thing in common; they have found healing through the Savior. I wrote in my journal, “If Corrie had never gone through what she did, we never would have learned from her. I’m grateful for her experiences. Her story has touched countless people decades later.  It is so important for us to share our trials and triumphs.  God speaks to us through each other.  If she had chosen to stay quiet the blessings and healing would have ended with her.”

How many untold stories are out there that could bless another’s life?   How many unfinished stories are there because healing has yet to come, if we would only turn to our Savior.  How sad to go through a trial, to learn an important lesson, to increase in faith and then let it stop with ourselves. When I read “The Hiding Place” I was contemplating starting this blog.  The idea to create a platform to share uplifting and inspiring stories had come to me in prayer months before but I had not been brave enough to take any action. How grateful I am and how timely it was.  It gave me one of several pushes I needed to have the courage move forward.  As I type this post I am reminded of an experience I had and healed from that I know could bless others but I’ve only shared it with a few people.  I promise I’ll share it here.

If you haven’t read “The Hiding Place” yet read it!  You will be astounded and changed when you do. Trust me, you’ll want to buy your own to mark up.  If you have an experience or lesson that has touched your life I hope you will share it here and let the love of God expand to others through you!

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Another reason we can be grateful for trials.