Let Your Light So Shine

Years ago as I was struggling through a bit of darkness praying to know how to overcome it; an image came to my mind. Since then I often bring it back to my mind when I’ve had a rough day or need a little lift.  This morning I put it into words.


Walking towards the Savior
With every step embraced in more light




The closer I get the brighter I become
Soon His light becomes my own
Cannot see where His light ends and mine begins

One light

Craving more light
I reach
His hands are already outstretched
Gently grasping the light from His hands
I pull it to my heart
It beats with life I’ve never felt
Light flowing through my veins

All Encompassing



No, still missing something
The Savior glances past me
I turn and see a figure
In the shadow
I don’t want darkness for them
I take a step
Bringing my light
Hoping it won’t dim
I cup some of my light reverently in my hands
And offer it
A hesitant smile
She takes the light
Presses it to her heart
A cherished gift
My light increases with hers


How grateful I am for the Savior’s light. How grateful I am for the light other’s have shared with me. How grateful I am to have light to share.