Nearly Naked Popcorn Copycat Recipe- only better!

No this isn’t a recipe blog.  I just can’t help but share this delicious Nearly Naked Popcorn Copycat Recipe with you so I’m going to come up with a story that has to do with popcorn so I can justify giving you a popcorn recipe. You’ll thank me for it; and it will certainly make you smile.

My family has a bit of a popcorn obsession. It has to be real popcorn unless you want to offend Hubby. Heaven forbid anyone ever eat microwave popcorn in this house… gasp!  As I type this post someone in my house is eating popcorn that they made from one of the 5 different varieties in my pantry topped with one of our 8 different seasonings. Hubby subjected my children to popcorn indoctrination from the first day their digestive systems could handle it and sometimes before then.  It drove me crazy because it is an unspoken rule that popcorn must be eaten in front of a TV.  Who got to clean up after a popcorn feast?  Yep, over the years my vacuum cleaner could feed a small country. So could the spaces between my couch cushions come to think of it.

My 5th child’s first word was popcorn. He could hear the distinct sound of popcorn prep from anywhere in the house and come running.   One time I was simply washing out my Whirly Pop and just the sound of the parts clanking together sent my son running to the kitchen for popcorn. Of course he ended up on the floor screaming because there was no popcorn and I ended up deciding that maybe cleaning out the whirly pop isn’t necessary. I mean, the oil seasons the pot and you shouldn’t remove it right?  One less dish for me to wash anyhow!

So here is what you’ll need:

1 – hasn’t been washed in 7 years Whirly Pop

2 TBS – High quality virgin coconut oil. I get mine from Costco but you can find smaller sizes at pretty much any grocery store these days.

1/2 cup popcorn (If you haven’t tried baby white popcorn you are missing out on soft, melt in your mouth deliciousness. I buy this brand from Amazon.)

Salt to taste

1 tsp Nutritional Yeast AKA Brewers Yeast found at a health food store or online. I like Bragg’s.

Notice the two ingredients you may not be using to make your current popcorn: coconut oil and brewers yeast. Besides the fact the coconut oil gives you the best popped kernel, it has a plethora of heath benefits and I just got to use the word “plethora.” Coconut oil is good for the immune system, heart health, blood sugar and weight loss (yep you can indulge and loose weight at the same time).  Topically it is also wonderful for your skin and hair so I guess instead of washing your hands after eating this you could be really efficient and just run your fingers through your hair.

Now lets talk about brewers yeast. You know those pesky vitamin Bs that your body doesn’t like to absorb in pill form?  Brewer’s yeast has vitamin B complex a plenty and vitamin B helps us handle stress so you may want to eat this on more than just popcorn if you catch my drift. It is also great for your digestive system, helps control blood sugar and supports a healthy immune system. Wow! You could argue that you just must eat this popcorn for medicinal purposes! I think I’m going to use that one next time I tell myself I really shouldn’t eat the whole bowl.

Let’s get cooking so you can taste this healthy popcorn yumminess! I don’t have to tell you how to make popcorn right?  I want to hurry to the eating part. Just in case, heat oil on medium high, dump in kernels, whirl and pop until it stops. Got it? Sorry no detailed pictures. This isn’t a recipe blog so I figured I could get out of it but here is a stock image of popcorn if you need an image to excite your taste buds:

PopcornDang I could have let you think popcorn lasted long enough in my house to take a picture. Oh well:)

Let’s finish this off.  Simply shake on the salt to taste.  Now for the secret ingredient: I take two big pinches of brewers yeast and crush it in between my fingers as I sprinkle it over my popcorn, add more or less if you like. Brewers yeast has a natural buttery taste; you are going to love it! Ok, go watch your favorite episode of The Middle, munch away and run your fingers through your hair with reckless abandon!



  1. Shawn Pearce | 19th Jan 17

    It is definitely a fantastic recipe. We can go through a 40lb bag of popcorn in 6 months.

  2. Heather Debuck | 20th Jan 17

    Your family makes the best popcorn…ever! And, I wish I would’ve been informed about the “not having to clean the whirly-pop” beforehand. That’s the ONLY reason we don’t pop corn more often! This sounds great! I can only imagine one of our kids getting out the rapid rising bread yeast…oh, yeahhhhh! Thanks for sharing your page, blog & recipe.

    • Amber | 20th Jan 17

      There are several things I don’t use simply because I don’t want to clean it…. maybe we should live in tents outside and then I’d never have to clean my house!

  3. Nicole | 11th Mar 17

    Just put the popcorn in my amazon cart! I have put the brewers yeast on popcorn before but I had forgotten about. Thanks for reminding me!

  4. Diane | 14th Mar 17

    “As I type this post someone in my house is eating popcorn that they made from one of the 5 different varieties in my pantry topped with one of our 8 different seasonings”

    Please share!

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