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Welcome to Left With a SMILE and thank you for  sharing your story!

I started this website with the hope of creating a place where anyone could go to find goodness and share goodness. We need a lot more places in this world that leave us feeling uplifted, inspired and… well… left with a smile. I hope you find every good thing here and I thank you for being a part of bringing a little smile into someone else’s life.

Answered Questions:

What kind of story can I submit?

There really are only two rules when it comes to the type of stories that will be posted. #1 It needs to good and clean. #2 It needs to leave people with a smile (if it leaves us with an ugly cry then a smile that’s good too.)  Funny, heart warming, heart wrenching, inspiring, miracles (big or small), spiritual, a life lesson, uplifting, from your childhood, a story that is told at every family gathering, a story you’ve already recorded in your journal, a recipe that has a story behind it… got it? Something has probably already popped in your mind. You’ll find this story brainstorm worksheet helpful as well.

Do I have to be a good writer to submit a story?

You already tell stories on a daily basis. Just pretend you are writing an email, journal entry, or really long Facebook post;) If you want to show off your writing skills that is fine too. Most stories will be authored by your everyday average person so don’t be afraid to flex your story telling muscle. Your story may be minimally edited if necessary to make sure you look good. (If you are really worried you could always put the author as anonymous. Ha!)  Once your story is posted you can brag to all your friends that you are a published author!

Touch Someone's Life... Share Your Story Here!

How to share your story:

  1. Type up your story and email it to [email protected]
  2. Indicate how you want your story to be credited: Anonymous, first name only, first and last name, city and state. If you have a business and or website/blog you are welcome to share it along with a little bio of yourself!
  3. At the bottom of every story there will be an “every good thing” section where you can recommend anything good. Good: book, movie, website/blog, album, YouTube channel, product, charity, service. You don’t have to fill every category and I might even be missing something. Just share a list of some good things with us!
  4. Optional but recommended: if you have a picture of yourself or a picture that goes along with your story it is a nice addition. If you don’t give one I’ll use a generic stock photo. Maybe I’ll find a really good-looking model for you;)

Ok time to start writing!  I recommend typing up your story in whatever program you have on your computer then copy and paste it into an email.  Send all submissions to [email protected]

Has someone you know told you a story you love? Tell them to share the love by posting their story here!