Two Essential Mindsets To Make Sure You Achieve Your Health Goals

I’ve listened to personal trainers and nutritionists talk to me as if making healthy choices was easy peasy.  I agreed with what they had to say and it wasn’t ANYTHING new to me. Yes, eat more fruit, veggies, whole grains, lean protein, good fats…. and less crap, I get it!  So WHY is it sooooo much easier said than done?  Well I have a couple mindsets for ya that will help you get it done!  I wish someone had given me the tips I share in this video early on but here they are for you!

You CAN change your habits!  It takes time, it takes effort but it is possible and I want to help you.   Remember the aim is not perfection unless being perfect means slipping up and learning how to do better.  Here are my two mindsets that I’ve found to be essential to achieving whatever your health goal is. You can watch me talk about it in the video above but if you like it in writing here you go:)

Mindset #1: Measure What Matters (and it is NOT your weight)!!!

If our main focus is what the scale says our success will be short lived. Why? Because we all have some ideal in our heads of what we want that darn scale to say. Even if we see our weight going down, what happens when we finally see that number we’ve been longing for?  “Yippie! I’m done! Party Time! I can relax a little!”  AND bit by bit we go back to our old habits and bit by bit our old friends pound 1 and pound 2 come back for an extended stay.

The scale can also get bossy and tell us what to do.  “Yay, you’ve lost weight go give yourself a treat, you deserve it!”  OR “Dang it!  You’ve worked so hard and not a single pound gone! Why even try?  Go eat that quart of Godiva ice cream and forget about your stupid diet!”

So what does matter?  What results will keep us going LONG TERM if we acknowledge them and show gratitude for them?  Measure these starting today. Keep quick notes in your journal, planner or phone on…

Headaches (or lack thereof)





These are the things you’ll never want to give up in your life. These are the things that will give you self control and make it worth it to resist that delicious whatever that is tempting you.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it was when my daughter said to me, “Mom, you’ve been nicer lately.”  Show me a scale that can say that! (Not that I’ve ever been a mean mom, just sayin’.)

I haven’t stepped on a scale in nine months.  This is the longest time I ever been able to stick to my health goals and I believe has a lot to do with the fact that I’m no longer ruled by a bossy scale.  Give it a try you might just feel a little more freedom!

Mindset #2: Focus on what you CAN have.

Often when trying to make healthier choices we focus on ALL the things we CAN’T eat anymore. Sabotage!!!!  First off, we tend to want more of whatever it is we are thinking about. Those tricky brains of ours!  If we are thinking “OK, I’m not going to eat sugar today.”  The only thing we are going to want more than anything else is SUGAR!

Also, if we are thinking about what we can’t eat it feels like there is nothing we CAN eat… so we starve… and then we get sooooo hungry… that we break down and devour whatever is in front of us. NOT. GOOD.  I promise for every food that we could do without there is a delicious food that our bodies will love. We just need to start swapping out the bad for the good little by little. Our habits will change. When we are hungry those good foods will come to our minds and eating healthy will become habit before we know it!

Healthy Kitchen Swap

I’ll be giving you LOTS of healthy kitchen swaps to help you in this process.  Here is one to get you started. First, look around your kitchen, in your fridge, in your pantry and find something you snack on that your body could do without and replace it!  Just ONE thing.

Now, go to the freezer section of the grocery store and grab some Edamame (Soy Beans). I prefer them in the pod so I can enjoy the flavor as I pop the beans out of the pod into my mouth.  Boil them in salt or microwave them and sprinkle with corse sea salt. Make some in the morning after breakfast and leave them sitting on your counter. You’ll reach for them when you need a little snack!

So what is in your kitchen that you are going to swap out?  Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Two Essential Mindsets to Help You Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle