Why You Can’t Stop Craving Sugar

Avoiding sugar is about a lot more than just looking at a delicious dessert and trying to say “no thanks”.   If we are counting on our self-control alone… it is going to let us down.  This is the mistake I’ve made my ENTIRE life. I would tell myself  “ok no more sugar” then expect some sort of miracle.  I wish it were that simple! I can’t tell you how many nights I went to bed sick because of the amount of junk I consumed after the kids were in bed. That was my time to de-stress, AKA indulge.  I would wake up feeling nauseous, skip a healthy breakfast, and start the same sugar cycle again.

Watch this video to see how I discovered a way to break the sugar cycle and stop sugar cravings  for 3 months now!

The Essential Trick To Stop Craving Sugar.

There’s been many times I’ve had the mentality that giving up more than one food I love would be too hard.  Maybe I’d have more success if I just gave up sugar and not worry about anything else.  I didn’t realize I was sabotaging myself from the start.  There’s an essential a trick to help us stop craving sugar that I learned in my sugar-free journey.  If we want to stop sugar cravings we have to give up refined grains at the same time.  Why? Because refined grains turn right into sugar when we eat them!  We may as well just eat that sugary treat!  Refined grains (white bread, tortillas, muffins, pasta) cause the same peak and dip in the blood sugar, the same energy surge then drop that causes us to crave MORE SUGAR!

Give Your Body What It Needs and It Will Stop Asking For What It Doesn’t.

Here’s another little tidbit of info.  What most people don’t realize  (and what I wish I had learned early on) is that a key to ditching sugar is filling our bodies with as much nutrition as possible.   When we aren’t giving our bodies what they need our sugar cravings get out of control. It doesn’t seem fair right?  Could I just crave a dang carrot for once?  Nope, because our bodies know that carrot isn’t going to give us the immediate energy we need (energy we would already have if we had supplied our bodies with a reserve of good nutrition!!!). SUGAR will give us an immediate boost. Our body starts wanting it so badly that we like drug addicts. So we give in, eat the sugar, feel better, the sugar wears off, we start feeling grumpy and tried AND the cycle starts again. WE CAN BREAK THE CYCLE!  It takes a couple weeks to detox but once you break that cycle and start building up that reserve of good nutrition you’ll be on your way to having more energy your body will no longer beg for sugar.

Ready to Ditch The Sugar?

 If you think it is hopeless to finally change a lifetime of bad habits I’m here to tell you IT ISN’T and I am living proof.  I used to say “Yeah I’m a healthy eater… until about 4pm!”  NOW I can simply say, I don’t crave sugar anymore. I feel REALLY weird saying it and I don’t know how it can be real, but it is true.

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I discovered this trick after a lifetime of trying to control my sugar addiction.