How being the “Worst Mom In The World” makes you a pretty good mom.

I know, I just did a post about the best mom in the world. I figured I needed to even things out and talk about what it takes to be the worst mom in the world.  Now, the good thing is… if your child has ever told you that you are the worst mom in the world, it probably means you are on your way to being the best mom in the world.  Really, who needs the “Mother of The Year” award when “Worst Mom In The World” is just as high an honor?

Why should you be honored if you’ve ever been crowned worst mom in the world?  You probably just took the harder road of sticking to your guns and making sure you provided what your children needed instead of what they wanted.  If your child gets mad enough to say those words it is most likely because you have just done them a huge favor.  They just won’t see it as a favor until they are about 30.

My son bestowed this title upon me on the last day of school one year. All four of my boys had just gotten home from school and ran straight to the game system.  They rarely get to play with it during the school year and they got the idea in their head that summer would bring endless hours of video games.

Then I uttered the sentence that crushed all dreams…

“You know just because it is summer doesn’t mean you’ll get to play video games as much as you want. Lets make up a list of other things we can do this summer.”

My highly dramatic son, who shall remain nameless, decided to embellish on my sentence and give it a life and meaning of it’s own. The letter he pushed under my door about 30 minutes later is proof… at least he listened to the part about creating a list.

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Here’s a translation along with my commentary:

Summer List:

Chores every day of the summer. (Yep, pretty much got that right.)

Work 5 times every week. (Depends on what your definition of work is; but 5 times a week isn’t so shabby.)

Summer school is going to happen every summer. (Never have done this despite good intentions. Used to buy the workbooks from Costco but they always remained empty throughout the summer.)

Fun once a month. (Now that’s a bit optimistic.)

Treated like slaves every day of the summer. (If only! I’m dreaming of the dinners I wouldn’t have to make and the laundry I’d never have to do.)

Boring every day. (If you count swimming, playdates, camp,  and vacations boring then, yes.)

WORST SUMMER EVER (I wouldn’t go that far but I could do my best to make his wish come true.)

I wish I was in a more kind and fun family! (One free tweener. Any takers?)

Pearce + Summer = Lamer- Lame Summer (And you though your family was the only lame one.)

He actually had some good ideas on here. Maybe I should use some of these on a post about top summer activities for your children. I bet it would go viral.

What about you?  What makes you the WORST (aka best) Mom In the World?  Leave your comments below!

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